Zafi & Hadid

The story of an unlikely and wonderful encounter that began in 2018.

It was enough of a clique and the benefits of a social network so that these 2 names which sound rather fair but that all or almost opposes can be found and that in spite of the distance.

The painter Zafi is in Cognac (France), mohamed Hadid, famous real estate developer and talented painter in his spare time is in Los Angeles (USA), 2 different courses, 2 different worlds but 1 only common passion, art.
It is therefore through art that this virtual encounter will be transformed by an artistic collaboration. Because, both love the colors, cubism and have this common adoration for pablo Picasso.

It took no more for very quickly a painting in common is born. The amazing result of this first collaboration leaves no one indifferent to art lovers around the world.
The works follow each other, each creations are started in Cognac and finished in Los Angeles. The magic of the art operates, the two dialogues artists, express themselves each one of their sides and complement each other letting believe in one and the same artist.

It is through this prestigious artistic collaboration that one becomes aware of the beauty and power of art.
"Able to gather beyond differences, art is a sharing without borders. "

Zafi & Hadid